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Understanding recLOH - Palindromic mutation events 12
Genetics show Viking women colonized new lands, too 0
How do you recruit new members for your surname DNA project? 3
Packers and Movers in Kalavasal:LST 0
Have you matched with someone with a different surname? 22
Professor Discovers He Is Descendent of Genghis Khan 1 - Worth It? 0
Meaning of haplotree matches? 1
Genealogy error 1
Foster's 0
Two more success stories 1
Genealogy research helps unravel a mystery of Appalachian medicine 0
When Oral History Meets Genetics 0
Track ancestors with DNA, study of history 0
Genealogical Studies Being Aided by Family Tree DNA Tests 0
New DNA testing industry offers possibilities for recreational genealogists 0
New DNA Surprise: Carl Rove And Barack Obama Related 0
Henry Louis Gates Jr. Teams Up With FTDNA 0
Give someone you love a DNA test this season! 0
Huge difference in two DNA results 0
How do I compare my results to other people's? 0
Finding your own history 0
DNA Testing Helps Find Lost Legacies and Cements Connections 0
MOVED: Timing of mutations - and poor explanations 1
MOVED: dna 1
How did you get involved in Genealogy? 2
Chromosomes Of Genghis Khan 0
Can a female be DNA tested for genealogy? 0
Roots Television: Where History Meets Heritage 0
How do you "read" the results as posted on the Results page? 0
Online Sites Help Family Trees Branch Out 0
What determines a "match"? 0
How many projects can an individual join with a single test? 0
DNA Route to Family Roots for Al Sharpton? 0
Study Raises Possibility of Jewish Tie for Jefferson 0 Launches New Website 0
How Can I Purchase DNA-PAT™?  0
WorldFamilies.Net Now Hosting Adrian Williams's New Software DNA-PATâ„¢ 0
FTDNA Offering Reduced-Cost Tests to People Tested at Other Labs 0
Is your project using "more" markers? (4/3/06) 9
What can you learn from a 12-marker DNA test? 1
Have you found evidence of a "non-paternity event" through DNA? 6
Can I place an order for someone else? 0
DNA Tests Tell College Students Their Origins 0
Tracing the route of our shared DNA from Africa to Yorkshire 0
Chicago Students Trace Ancestry Through DNA 0
What happens when I join a project at WFN? 0
Oprah Winfrey Traces Family Roots 0
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